Aitchison Vineyard Drill

Aitchison Vineyard Drill

The AITCHISON Vineyard Drills offer the unbeatable ‘inverted-T’ sowing method, allied with the versatile and precise seed metering system, to those who wish to sow cover crops or even cash crops between rows of vines or trees. They may also be used for sowing conservation strips and field margins.

Forward-thinking wine producers are increasingly interested in occupying the land between their vines with an active green cover which absorbs surplus nitrogen and moisture on the surface and thus encourages the vines to draw their water requirement from a greater depth, which increases grape quality. This green cover also prevents soil erosion.

These small, simple drills are mounted behind a small tractor equipped with a hydraulic linkage, but may be adapted to be used behind quad bikes or 4wd picks-ups, etc.

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Vineyard Drill
Technical details

Width Overall 1.20m
Sowing width 1.2m - 1.4m
No. of tines 8
Row spacing 15-17.5cm
Total weight 370kgs
Hopper capacity 100lts
Power requirement 25 hp

Optional extras:

Chain covering harrow (shown)