About Us

I first discovered the Aitchison drilling technique in the mid nineties. Being someone who appreciates simplicity I was immediately bowled over by the uncomplicated way these drills operate, direct into a challenging surface like established grassland.

Introducing a new seed into an ideal environment suddenly seemed so simple. Who needs dozens of moving wearing parts, and more or less sophisticated methods of trying to maintain a constant depth, accompanied by the need for a lot of weight to achieve penetration and plenty of horsepower to pull and power the whole contraption?

Ever since, I have been involved in a long, demanding and constantly absorbing campaign to develop a wider appreciation of this system. Along the way, I have realised that the models made in New Zealand and adapted to their conditions were never going to answer all the needs demanded by potential customers here in Europe - hence the need to develop the SimTech models which have accelerated the awareness and appreciation of the technique.

Interest in the technique has grown at a rapid pace in the current climate. I have found some equally motivated colleagues and I am sensing some very busy years ahead for us all.

We look forward to hearing from you.

George Simon

Delivering a machine

About to leave with a new drill

If you are interested in a range of drills which offer the
following attributes:

  • inexpensive to purchase
  • simple and inexpensive to operate
  • unrivalled versatility - any seed, all surfaces
  • the most environmentally-friendly drills on the market
  • place the seed where it needs to be

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