The Aitchison Seed Metering System

All the AITCHISON models and the 3m SimTech T-SEM drills are equipped with a unique sponge-feed system to distribute the seed. This is extremely accurate, is kind to the seed and is unbelievably versatile.

A sponge disc feeds the seed down a tapered groove and meters it into a funnel and then a flexible hose, through which the seed falls by gravity to the base of the inverted T-slot.

The speed of rotation of the shaft which drives the sponges is controlled by a variable speed gearbox. This simple system allows very low seed rates of small seeds, such as white clover at 2kgs/ hectare, to over 400kgs/hectare of field beans. Very complex mixtures of large and small seeds of differing shapes can also be sown together. The design of the seed hopper means that such mixtures retain their integrity until the seedbox is empty, and the fact that the T-slot remains open allows seed of varying sizes to successfully germinate and flourish when sown at a common depth.

Seed Metering



Watch a video showing how the Aitchison Seed Metering Unit works