The ADS seed metering unit

All the Simtech T-SEM pneumatic drills are equipped with the ADS technology from Sulky to distribute the seed. This is extremely accurate and easy to use.

1 – Single-roller universal metering with record-breaking performances : from 1 to 450 kg/ha of wheat seeds at 8 km/h. 2 – Quick and accessible calibration (no dismantling). Easy hopper emptying. 3 – Extra-large fan with air filter.

The distribution is the heart of the ADS technology. It ensures a homogeneous air/seeds mix and a 'no-bounce' flow. The result is a perfect repetition among the rows and a plug-free seeds transport down to the ground, even on slopes. The distribution head is made of individual outlets which allow opening/closing of the rows to offer many possibilities : drilling 1 row every 2 rows or every 3 rows, half-drill shut-off, 2x2 rows or 2x3 rows tramlines, with a 1,8 or 2,0 m wheelbase, etc.

The Ultron (mechanical-driven metering) or Pilot (electrical-driven metering) in-cab monitors ensure a precise control of these functions and are really user-friendly.