300AP drilling Spring Barley

T-Sem Grass

The simplest and most versatile drill on the market at an affordable price
The T-Sem Grass is a further development of the renowned New Zealand pasture T-slot drill. Strongly built and able to cope with the extremes that livestock farming encompasses. These drills offer a number of design benefits that make them not only better at what they do, but also easier for the operator to use, both for calibration and depth control.
This is a UK drill built with the varied demands of the modern livestock farmer in mind. You can sow any seed into any surface - clovers, grasses, brassicas, cereals, pulses, maize and all mixtures into grassland, stubbles, ploughed and/or cultivated land and direct into standing cover crops.
Offering a 2 model range, the T-Sem Grass is suitable for most lowland and upland livestock farming situations, as well as smaller scale arable farms, offering a much greater range of options than any conventional drill.


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TSG 240
Technical details

Width Overall 2.5m
Sowing width 2.4m
No. of tines 16
Row spacing 15cms
Total weight 1220kgs
Hopper capacity 410lts
Power requirement 60 hp

Optional extras:

Mechanical or electronic area meter

TSG 300
Technical details

Width Overall 3.00m
Sowing width 3.00m
No. of tines 20
Row spacing 15cms
Total weight 1440kgs
Hopper capacity 500lts
Power requirement 80 hp

Optional extras:

Mechanical or electronic area meter

Simtech T-Sem Grass 240
Simtech T-Sem Grass 300